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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Velcro Rollers for Straight Hair

By April 3, 2018No Comments

Velcro rollers. High glam!

This blog is for all the straight-haired ladies out there!

If you’re still reading and you’re anything like me, you often dream of having luscious, rolling curls that bounce and land more than 1/4 inch away from your scalp. What a world!

I have the most relentlessly straight hair known to man. Hot rollers, wands, curling irons, sponge rollers…forget it. Nothing ever works for more than a couple hours and, typically, by the end of the night, all I can hope for is a crunchy mess that is merely oddly wavy. Sad.

So, when I recently chopped my long, straight locks into a bob that looks best with a slight curl under at the ends, I had a real challenge on my hands. Or hair. Or whatever.

The answer? Velcro rollers!

Velcro rollers are those plastic rollers covered in the poke-y side of velcro. Yes, the ones the old ladies use. And I am obsessed with them because they are the only tool my hair consistently responds to!

Here’s what to do:

Wash, condition, and blow dry your hair. Don’t worry about styling your hair as you blow dry, just get it to a place where its warm and just barely damp. Then grab those rollers and go to town. I like to section my hair into four or five parts with special focus on the hair that frames my face. Try to take very thin pieces of hair for each roller. It takes a little practice but now I can get all my rollers placed in about ten minutes. Then set your blow dryer to low blow on high heat and hover over each roller until each piece of rolled hair is heated.

Keep the rollers in to allow your hair to cool as you do every single other thing required in your morning routine (makeup, clothes, breakfast, pack the car, etc.). Just before you grab your keys to walk out the door, remove the rollers and finger comb everything smooth.

Give it a try!


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