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It’s a perfect time of year for fringe!

As Phoenix slowly starts to cool down, we can bet on less sweat! Nothing is more frustrating than having too much going on around your face and neck during the heat wave of the summer. This is why I always lead my guests to try fringe in the fall! Let’s talk about a few styles to try, tools for styling and key things to know!

There are three go-to fringe styles for my clients.

The first and most popular right now is the curtain bang and it’s super popular for a couple reasons. Let’s say you aren’t ready to commit to a fringe style, you’re afraid that you’ll hate them and have to grow them out. These bad boys grow out almost seamlessly! They also are super cute when you wear your hair up! You don’t have to rush in for a trim super quick. Pretty much everyone can rock this style!

Next up is the full bang! Now this is a little bit more a dedicated style. It does have a little more maintenance, you need to pop in for trims regularly so they don’t become too heavy around your face. They are great in the fall when you take your color a little darker. It also works well with thicker texture, more to fill in the fringe and not disrupt how full the hair looks around the face.

Lastly, we have the 90’s piecy fringe. This one I’ve had a lot of guests wanting this year. Nothing too heavy, very piecy and easy to wear/style.

Here are some of the tools I like to make sure my guests have at home to recreate are; paddle brush, blow dryer and a flat iron. If you don’t have these, you may struggle recreating what your stylist did at the salon. You can’t just let the fringe do what it wants, you gotta style it! Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist to educate you on what they do behind the chair.

Last but not least, I hate to hear when a guest tells me someone told her she couldn’t do fringe. Girl PLEASE! You just haven’t found the stylist for YOU! There is a fringe out there for everyone! So don’t give up and make sure you keep your Pinterest board filled with inspo!

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