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I personally hate applying sunscreen each day.

Of course, it’s not an option to skip this and much to my disappointment, my six year old daughter hates it more than I do!

A few weeks ago, as my mind was wandering before I fell asleep, my thoughts turned to what has become one of the most brilliant moments of my entire life:

I should give my daughter a foundation brush to apply her sunscreen.


No more arguments. No more whining. No more resistance.

She loves putting on sunscreen now and she NEVER misses a day!

Try this with your own child or better yet, if you hate putting on sunscreen daily like me, use this trick for yourself! My daughter and I both now love dabbing on our sunscreen in the morning and gently applying it into our skin with our soft and luxurious foundation brushes.

One last tip: Be sure to gently load the brush tips only –little by little– then work onto the skin with a very light touch. This avoids gumming up the internal part of the brush with sticky sunscreen.

You’re welcome!

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