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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Surviving Wedding Season

By October 9, 2018No Comments

AZ wedding. Can it get any better than this?

We are a week into October and it is officially wedding season here in beautiful Arizona.

If you happen to be counting down the days until you or your family member march down the aisle, you’re probably experiencing a level of stress unique to this experience.

But it’s only one night, right?

Sure it is! One night in which two people commit the rest of their living days to one another in front of a room filled with all the friends and family and co-workers who may or may not know each other or maybe they hate each other and their tables are too close together and don’t forget that Aunt Agnes is allergic to parsley so her entrée has to be specially made because she WILL complain to the bride’s parents that her food had parsley in it and also don’t forget that you need to look the best you’ve ever looked in your entire life and will someone remind the groom that he needs to get his suit to the tailor before it’s too late where’s my checklist?!?!?!

It’s amazing that any couple or family can survive without a major blow up (or five!).

So, when you are feeling your blood pressure rise, keep some of our favorite wedding-prep mantras in mind:

Grace Under Fire  Yes, weddings are difficult. But you don’t have to be. This is your personal challenge in showing grace under fire. Are you up for it?

I/They/He/She Will Get Over It (Eventually)  Okay, you’re not up for it. Maybe you lost your cool. If someone steps on your toes (or you’re the one who makes the misstep), just remember that someday, it won’t matter at all!

It’s Not About Me  Even the bride can’t claim for the day to be all about her (sorry, ladies!). Because, if you are the bride or groom, you need to remember to tell yourself, “this day is about us.”

No Matter What Happens, My Hair Will Look Amazing  This mantra applies to our Root Salon clients, of course! We understand how crazy weddings can be and that’s why we work with brides and bridal parties in advance with practice appointments, consultations, and we even travel to you on the day-of.

Happy wedding season, everyone!


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