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Dear Clients,

As we have communicated to you, our salon remains open.

Salons have always had to comply with strict hygiene guidelines and are inspected by the State Board frequently to ensure safety of clients; pandemic or not.

That said, with social distancing guidelines, we support our clients who are uncomfortable being in our space right now.

We’re seeing our local and small business peers come up with some excellent, creative ways to support the local economy right now and we’d also like to offer some options to you!

Curbside Product Pickup: If you’re planning to minimize your outings but have run out of product like shampoo or conditioner, give us a call and we can put together a product order for you, fulfill the payment over the phone, and meet you curbside with your order. For our color clients, we have a product called Color Wow that you can use on your roots until your next color appointment. Just call to make the order then call from your car and we’ll run your items out to you! Call us at 602-277-4072.

Gift Cards: We are offering a $120-value Gift Card to you right now for just $100! Gift Cards are proving to be a go-to strategy for many small businesses right now and they really do help! If you feel compelled, please add a gift card to your curbside order. Or, if you don’t plan to make a curbside order, we can hold the gift card for you at the salon until you are comfortable returning to the salon. We will be sure to coordinate with you via phone and with email records to be sure this transaction is complete and tracked. We can also mail them to you! Again, call us at 602-277-4072.

Special Offer: For our participating clients who continue to support us through this time, we’d like to throw in a free deep conditioning treatment at your next appointment. We will add this note to your file in our system.

Thank you for your support!

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