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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Spreading Positivity

By October 1, 2019No Comments

It’s a beautiful world out there if you make it so!
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I have been asked what is my secret is to always being happy and upbeat.

It’s pretty simple. My secret is setting intentions at the very start of my day. Before I leave my house, every day I talk to myself about going out into the world and spreading love, joy, and happiness.

I have found that when I started setting this intention by physically talking to myself (yes, this sounds a little crazy) and saying, “Let me lead with love, joy and happiness,” I tend to lead with love, joy and happiness. What a concept, huh?

This, in turn, comes back to me because I notice that people treat me with love, joy and happiness. It’s really true!

This cycle of giving and getting happiness a key component to keeping me happy and upbeat. How can I not be happy and upbeat when I am surrounded by love in all my interactions with people?

Try it for yourself! Get up, set some good intentions, and watch that domino effect of love, joy and happiness happen to you.

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