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As someone who has always loved straight & sleek hair it took awhile to find my favorite technique. I start off by washing my hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, I like to shampoo my hair twice to get rid of any product buildup and to clean the scalp thoroughly. Then I’ll towel dry and prepare for products! I start with a leave in conditioner spray, I prefer products that add a thermal protectant. Next you can blow dry or let your hair air dry. 

Once your hair is completely dry you can get to styling!! Keep your iron between 300-375 degrees (depending on your hair texture)! If you haven’t already added a thermal/ heat protectant in, do it now! 

I prefer to section my hair off into multiple sections, the different amounts and sizes of each section will be determined by hair density! Then from those sections, take smaller subsections, try taking thin & wide sections. Always, always, always hold the hair tight and use a comb or brush to guide the flat iron. Go over the hair slow, if hair isn’t perfectly straight it’s okay to go over the section again (as long as your temperature isnt too high).

Voilà! Your sleek style is almost done. Adding a finishing product like a shine spray is needed just as much as when you use wet products! Add a little hair oil and a light hold hair spray you are all set, smooth & sleek flat ironed hair that can last you all week! Hope this helps!

Blog by: Julia

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