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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Set Your 2018 Appointments

By December 26, 2017No Comments

2018 is almost here. Get your appointments locked in – it’s easy!

Okay, Santa’s come and gone. Phew! Now it’s on to the New Year!

And we must ask, do you have your hair appointments lined up for 2018?

Most of our regular clients schedule about a year in advance. This helps them get exactly what they want. Let’s say you have book club every second Tuesday of the month. We can book your appointments regularly on the first Tuesday of the month so your hair color always looks fresh. If something comes up, you can always reschedule, but having them lined up saves you that stressful moment of, “Oh my God, I can’t have my gray showing!”

At your next appointment, ask our front desk team to get you all set up for the New year. You can even ask for a print-out so you can easily add it to your calendar.

If you just came in and forgot to book your year, you can also go online and get it all set up. It’s super easy. Just follow this link!

Happy holidays and see you in 2018!


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