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A resolution is a definitive decision to do or not do something. I have found that the only thing definite in life is change, therefore we are bound to break our resolutions which will plague us with guilt and shame. I think there is only one thing that we all should do for ourselves in the new year. It’s really simple, add one thing no matter how small to your day. The huge resolution that used to be mine and I am sure a million others, to have a better body. If that is yours, adding one small walk to your day, as little as a 5 minute walk, whenever and on whatever day you have time will yield big results in the end. Maybe you want to improve your complexion, you don’t have to make any huge changes to your daily skincare routine, simply drink an additional glass of water when you remember to. You will start to see an improvement. The key is to not make anything definite because life happens to the best of us.

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