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Pole is an incredible way to work out! Not only is it fun but it is a total body workout, targeting a lot of the spots on the body that many women and men struggle to target in a gym. Say bye to your gym reps and bulky workout equipment!

I recently began learning pole dancing and the results are incredible! I do not like the gym and I hate lifting weights even more; repetitive fitness is something that I struggle to motivate myself to do. However pole fitness is something that targets my whole body (especially my arms and abs which were areas that were my least favorite to work out) and is something that I do not find a chore and therefore have no struggles with motivation!

I recommend anyone (ANY shape or size or gender!) try out pole fitness especially if you hate repetitive fitness. No prior experience in dance or fitness required! Check out any beginner pole classes in your areas and try it out. Pole dancing is one of the most inclusive and positive groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

Here I am working out with this pole routine that really challenged my strength and flexibility!

Blog by Hope

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