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Let’s talk about how to look stylish every day because it’s easier than you may think. It doesn’t matter your budget or lifestyle. All it takes is some upfront time and a little discipline to look your best everyday. Here are a few tips that will breathe new life into your closet and let you feel your best every time you walk out your front door.

1. Get rid of “Just okay”

Think about how many clothes you have bought just because they fit, were on sale or you needed it. Now all those can go, because these are pieces of clothing you are “just okay” with. “Just okay” means you don’t love it or even like it and it possibly doesn’t reflect your style.

2. Choose a neutral palette

Sticking to neutral, tonal colors is an easy way to look stylish. Not only do neutrals mix and match easily, but you can quickly create a monochromatic look – which is pretty much the epitome of chic.

3. When in doubt wear black

All-black outfits translate across so many styles. It can be artsy, classic, urban or anything! You can wear it unadorned or use it as a canvas to showcase statement jewelry. Black is simple and easy while still being classically intriguing.

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