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I’m going to give you all the down low on the perfect blow out and style with just three products! I always like to start off first with clean hair and then use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner. I recommend Alfaparf Semi Di Lino shampoo and conditioner. The three products I’m using are all from Alfaparf’s Style Stories line, which we carry and use in the salon at The Root.

First off, start with your blow dry cream, dispensing two to three pumps of the product into your hand and emulsify it in your hands. If you have fine hair you can use less product to start off. Comb the cream into your hair and use like a leave in conditioner. Section hair off, then spray your Thermal Protector onto your hair. Next blow dry with your favorite round brush of your liking (I’m using my Ergo two and a half inch barrel) ¬†After blowing out with plenty of volume, finish with Semi Di Lino Cristalli spray and you are out the door with fabulous glossy locks!


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