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Do you sometimes feel that no matter what conditioner for your hair you use or what moisturizing body wash you use, your hair is dull and your skin feels dry?

The culprit just might be your water.

In Phoenix, for example, we have very hard water that is chlorinated. If you do not have a water softener you could be wasting your expensive beauty products because of the poor quality of your water. Maybe you live in an area that has well water; even worse!

We have a suggestion that will make your skin feel less dry and your hair looking shiny and bouncy again: A showerhead filter. They work great and are fairly easy to install. They can easily be found online or at your local hardware store. Many have cartridges that you change on a regular basis to keep you feeling truly clean. A filter will also cut down on the mineral deposits on your fixture and shower tiles.

It’s an easy addition that will make a huge difference!

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