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It’s that special time of year when family and friends get to reunite and enjoy the Holidays together. The annual dawn of Thanksgiving and Christmas is always so comforting but can also be a huge stress! Here are a few pointers that may help ease the stress of traveling during the holidays.

1. Avoid Peak Travel Days

When booking flights during the season you need to make sure to avoid peak travel days such as the day before or after the holiday. It may be difficult due to your work schedule but it will save you from the chaotic crowds and lines. When booking airfare try and fly the earliest or latest flights available. Most people avoid these times and the airport is less crowded. When booking, make sure to get direct flights for shorter travel time.

2. Start The Drive Early

Getting on the roads during the holiday season can mean a lot of traffic. Plan to get on the roads with at least 45 minutes to spare. Using google maps will help you find the fastest route and will also show you congested areas. Always have an alternate route in case of bad traffic.

3. Packing Light / Packing Gifts

Packing is always such a hassle and it’s hard to pack lightly with all your winter clothing and jackets. If you are traveling somewhere cold, wear your biggest coat on the plane to avoid packing it. If you are traveling for a short period try taking a small carry on bag to bypass the luggage train. When it comes to traveling with gifts, I only carry small things tucked away neatly. Try sending the gifts to wherever you are traveling and have your family or friends sign for them. Amazon is my favorite one stop shop and they deliver just about anywhere. Simply wrap the gifts once you arrive to save you shipping cost or overweight luggage fees.

4. Take A Chill Pill

The holidays can be very stressful on everyone especially when dealing with the airport. Try and be courteous to one another. Everyone is trying to get somewhere and a lot of people have anxiety when flying. Be the bigger person and ignore rude people. The holidays are meant to be with your loved ones. Try and keep a smile on until we ring in the New Year.I hope everyone has a stress free travel and a wonderful Holiday!

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