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Avoiding a dry or oily scalp can be a challenge. You may feel like sometimes its too dry and at the same time its too oily! This is something common stylists find when talking about hair care at home with clients. A build up of oils at the scalp can occur from improper shampooing. To ensure a non oily scalp, shampoo at least once a week. For some of you, you may be thinking at least once?! I shampoo daily! If that is the case, it would be recommended to cut back to maybe 2 – 3 times a week. If you are the type of person who showers daily & has to get their hair wet, totally understandable! You can absolutely wet your hair daily and still only shampoo 2 – 3 times a week. If you decide to wet your mane but not shampoo, be sure to always condition! Conditioning our hair is the equivalent to putting lotion on our body’s, it helps keep everything hydrated! Using a wide tooth comb to get the product through will help tremendously on any tangles or knots in the hair.

If your scalp tends to be on the dryer side, I would recommend a scalp moisturizer. This is usually a lightweight topical solution that can be applied on the scalp while the hair is wet after washing. Our salon sells Alfaparf Milano’s Calming Tonic which is a milk bath solution which is great for keeping the scalp moisturized without excessive oil or product buildup in the hair. Having a well balanced scalp is the key to avoiding a dry or oily scalp. If you are having any hair or scalp issues feel free to call us and set up a consultation with one of our stylists who will be able to guide you to a solution for your specific needs!

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