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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Hard vs. Soft Water

By May 8, 2018No Comments

Which kind of water is best for you?

Hard or soft water. Which is better for your hair?

Did you know that 85% of US citizens live in areas that have very hard water? It is definitely true for us in Arizona. Those in New England, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest enjoy soft water where there are greater deposits of sodium. But which is better for your hair type?

Soft water will help tame a coarse, curly girl’s locks while hard water will leave finer-haired gal with a less oily, more voluminous look. If you are a curly girl with hard water, it may be time to install a water softener. If you are a fine-haired lady with soft water, you may want to shampoo less often and switch to a dry shampoo as often as you can.

For a long term solution to either problem you may want to switch out your shower head for one of the very modern ones that will filter out any offending minerals. Just be sure to clean it often according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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