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With cooler weather coming into season, bring on the hair scarfs & head wraps! They serve a purpose of keeping your head warm & hair looking cute! The reason a scarf is one of my favorite accessories is because its so versatile! There are so many different ways to wear a head scarf. A go-to of mine is the scarf braid, by achieving this look you can pull your hair into ponytail & tie the scarf onto the pony & incorporate the scarf into your braid. Another cute look is incorporating it into a low bun I recommend a long scarf for this look. Wrap the scarf around the bun & tie it at the bottom underneath. It’s a chic, simple look that can be easily dressed up. Lastly,  the bandanna look, it’s a great way to hide dirty 2nd day hair. Fold a square scarf diagonally then tie the two ends under your head. You can let the tip of the scarf hang loose or pull a few pieces of hair out in the front to give it that dainty feel.

Whatever your style is, try incorporating a head wrap as an accessory! It’s such a fun way to add some flare to your look or keeping your head warm for the cooler weather!

Blog by: Vlora

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