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Going grey doesn’t have to be an ugly process. There are technical applications that a good colorist can custom design for your needs based on your natural color, the previous color you have been wearing, and the amount of grey hair you are willing to show.

These techniques include processes like grey reduction, grey blending and dimensional coloring depending on the look you are after.
If your hair is naturally lighter, you will have an easier time camouflaging the grey and have more choices in the applications used. We recommend things like “highlights”, “lowlights”, and “baby lights”. These are very custom techniques that allow your colorist to specifically treat each segment of hair while it is placed in the foil.
If you are a natural redhead or brunette, you may have your colorist opt for a demi-permanent hair colorant that will achieve more of a soft, “grey blending,” resulting in a less harsh regrowth line. “Grey reduction” is also an option we often suggest on darker hair color clients. It involves the addition of strands of your previous natural color added to your great hair to give the appearance of less grey and a more natural grow out.
Remember that consultations are always complimentary here at The Root Salon. So, if this is a direction you are looking to head in, we are here to help. Just ask!

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