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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Get the Lash You Love

By December 19, 2017No Comments

What are you in the mood for?

Lashes Have Taken Over!

Have you looked around and noticed more than usual, that most women these days are sporting gorgeous, luminous lashes?

Yeah! Us, too!

Lashes have completely taken over the nation. Whether it is a temporary lash such as a falsie strip or a semi-permanent option like lash extensions, it seems like there’s a gorgeous set of lashes at every head turn.

Lashes are such an easy and inexpensive way to change your look. It’s crazy the difference they can make. Whether simple or drastic, additional lashes can totally open, brighten, and complement your eye shape. And I mean, talk about a confidence booster. Lashes are 100% making women feel more confident in themselves.

Crazy, right? It seems a little wild that just a simple set of lashes can bring confidence to an individual, but they most certainly are; and that is the reason for the craze.

Are you wanting to get into it? Well, talk to us! We have a lash specialist at The Root Salon and you can set up an appointment. In the meantime, there’s no crime in picking up some false lashes at your local make-up store to have some fun with, too!

Either way, we say GO FOR IT!


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