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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Free Bang Trims at The Root Salon

By October 16, 2018No Comments

No! Stop!

Dang, those bangs grow fast, don’t they?

We adore bangs and love the way they frame our clients’ faces. But we also know that having bangs is a little more high maintenance. Unlike the rest of your cut, bangs have a shorter “shelf life” because when they get long, it’s so obvious.

And annoying. Once the bangs reach your eyelashes, you’re spending your day swooping them aside. No Bueno.

That’s why we want to make it easy for our clients to maintain their bangs with our policy of free bang trims anytime! Just call us and ask for a good time that day/week to swing by to see your stylist. It only takes about five minutes to snip that fringe so we can usually just squeeze you in quickly as we take care of our other scheduled clients.

Please call us! And, we beg you, please, please don’t try to trim your bangs at home! Bang mistakes are literally front and center on your face and they are practically impossible to hide. So just leave it to us!


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