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Let’s face it, we all get those pesky little bits of frizz that just won’t lay down, even after you spend the time curling it, smoothing it or styling. You know those pesky little ones that stick up just enough to annoy you. Well, here are a couple easy tips to lay those annoying baby hairs down and polish your look!

One option is, taking a favorite hairspray (like the Aveda Aircontrol) and spray some on the tips of your fingers, not too much but just to lightly coat them. While the product is still tacky, lightly run it over the fly-aways! If your hair is curly or just refuses to cooperate with you, be sure to layer and build up your product slowly so you dont have too much! If you have some slight shine from the hairspray that seems too shiny or out of place, just take some dry shampoo and lightly mist the area to mattify.

Another highly recommended option is to use a little bit of  Pomade. I always go for the Alfaparf Milano Fiber Paste to do the job because it’s low hold, has a super light consistency, and isn’t too shiny. But in a pinch, if your partner has some pomade or hair paste laying around try taking a small pea size amount and emulsify it in your hand. Gently pat it over the hairs and smooth them babies down! Hopefully one of these techniques will help to control those baby hairs!

Blog by: Kira

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