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With school starting back up and the summer heat finally cooling down, we are finally approaching fall and the fall fashion trends. To me Arizona fall is the best time for fashion because the weather is so versatile, you get to switch it up. The first trend that’s definitely continuing from summer is the Knit/Crochet wear. Lots of Cardigans, loose knit dresses for layering, and of course sweaters. Next would be long and mid length skirts, especially in dark florals. These are so cute and easy to style, and you can really make them work for any occasion. Last we have the O.G. fall fashion item, Boots. Dr. Marten’s have been killing the game forever, and recently brown worn-leather round toe boots have been everywhere. Another version of this that I think will continue from summer is the short and mid length cowboy boots, especially in dark neutrals. WIth all of these, the most important fall fashion tip is to layer. This will also allow you to use your summer go-to’s as well. The best example would be a Tank or Crop tops with some knitwear, a jacket, bottoms,boots, and jewelry.Playing with length and texture can make your fit so much more interesting as well. I hope you can use some of these tips or maybe find some inspo for your fall fits this year!

Blog by: Lynsie

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