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More than ever, we are hearing clients and friends talk about how eager they are to really do it up this year for the upcoming holidays!

Of course, gathering in the ways we used to has changed for 2020 and everything is different. But trying something new — even if you didn’t want to — can yield some exciting new experiences.

For example, just a few days ago for Thanksgiving, my little family (of three) spent the holiday in our kitchen, at our table, just the three of us, for the first time ever! Usually, we are running from grandparents house to grandparents house or heading out of town for a big cousin Thanksgiving extravaganza.

While we missed seeing everyone this year, there were so many special things about our 2020 Thanksgiving.

We used our family heirloom china set for the very first time. I managed to lead an entire Thanksgiving meal from start to finish without ANY disasters! My daughter, without having a kitchen full of controlling adults, was able to make the pie, the rolls, and the stuffing with us.

Then, we all decided at the last minute to pause the cooking for just 15 minutes to throw on some fancy clothes. It was a busy day but it was so fun and so stress free!

I have a feeling that though our celebrations may be much smaller for the remaining holidays, we will make it JUST as spectacular. We all deserve to celebrate and there’s no reason we can’t celebrate in a new way that is just as special but for new, surprising reasons!

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