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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: DIY Brows

By January 9, 2018No Comments

Don’t get crazy with the DIY brows.

Now, before we get started on the DIY info, our best tip and trick when it comes to brows is to come to us at The Root Salon! We can give you the perfect shape that fits your face that’s on trend.

But since The Root Word blog reaches people who live outside of Phoenix, here’s a quick tip to get the best shape if you have to DIY.

The best way to use this method is on a bushy brow. Let those suckers grow for a few weeks or months. We know it’s painful but it will be worth it! When the day finally comes for your long-awaited tweezing, you’re going to want to map out your new eyebrow shape before you go at it with the tweezers.

First, brush and smooth your eyebrow hair the way you would as a part of your daily makeup routine. Then, I like to use my liquid foundation and an angle brush (white eyeliner also works well) to “paint” the hairs I think I want to remove. Leave the hair that shouldn’t be tweezed makeup-free. This way, the makeup creates the illusion of a tweezed brow and I can experiment with the shape.

Once you have eyebrows that look pretty and symmetrical, take a few steps back and look in the mirror. Be sure to use a hand held mirror to view from the side and every angle. If you see inconsistencies, you can either adjust using your makeup again OR just wash it all off and start all over.

This makes the actual tweezing process so easy! All you have to do is remove the hair that has been “painted” with the makeup and you’ll have your perfect brow!


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