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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Brassy Blonde Fix-Its!

By October 17, 2017No Comments

When celebs can’t even make it look good…

If you are most any shade of blonde you probably have some challenges with fighting brassy-looking hair color. Those unwanted yellowish and orange-y tones can come creeping up in between your salon visits and sometimes it can feel like a losing battle. This happens when your natural hair color is lifted out and your hair reflects warmer shades of yellow and orange (red for brunettes).

We have some advice to help you fight the brass and enjoy being blonde longer!

Here in Phoenix, we have very hard water. This water can have large amounts of minerals that can build up on your hair leaving it muddy, dull and brassy. Why not invest in a water softener system or a reverse osmosis system? Not in the budget? Then try using a shower head with its own built-in filtration system.

Another way to fight the brass is to use a shampoo and/or conditioner that helps correct the color when you wash your hair. We love the new “Pigments” line from Alfaparf Milano. Your colorist can custom blend any shade you need and we can teach you how to make it work perfect for you.

If you are a Phoenix beauty, you will also be battling color fading from sun exposure. You need to protect your hair color (your investment!) from the fading rays of the sun by wearing a hat whenever possible. If a hat is not your thing, try a line of home care products that have sun protection for your hair. We recommend Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Veil. It is a light weight mist that is water resistant and UV protective. It minimizes dryness and damage and works for all hair types.

So, love your beautiful blonde color longer because as they say, “Blondes have more fun!”



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