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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Boost Your Workout Motivation

By September 26, 2017No Comments

Active wear is great for running errands, working out, and posing like a sex kitten.

Fall is here!

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the change in the weather and with it comes outdoor activities like your favorite exercise!

Okay, so “favorite exercise” is probably an oxymoron for many of us but we have a little trick up our sleeves to inspire you to get out and get a little sweaty.

New clothes!

Active wear is a huge industry right now. For women who have busy lifestyles that involve kids, commutes, air travel, working remotely, and, yes, working out, versatile fashion is a must! And there’s no better way to give yourself that extra excuse to fit in a workout than a new outfit that inspires.

Hit your favorite clothing store and head to the active wear section. Buy a few cute outfits that could translate for running errands in the morning and a hike, jog, or bike ride in the evening. If you feel good in your outfit, chances are you’ll be more likely to get out there and show off your cute new stretchy pants while you work out.

Spending a little money on this is a great investment. Plus, it’s the best time of the year to be outside and we shouldn’t waste it!


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