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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Beach Vacation? Try Clip-In Extensions

By June 4, 2019No Comments
Photo credit: onthebeach.co_uk

Let’s go!

If you are like some of us, you are headed out for a great beach vacation to escape the summer heat of Phoenix. But windy and humid conditions at the beach can be very different than styling your hair during the summer in Phoenix.

Girls that are used to straight smooth hair in an arid climate can experience uncontrollable curl when visiting a beach destination full of humidity.

So, what is a girl to do?

Some of us are rocking clip-in extensions as we visit faraway destinations this summer. They can be purchased from our salon and they are of high quality human hair that can be color matched to your current hair color so no one will know you’re cheating a little bit!

For girls with shorter hair who would like a summer look with hair pulled back and away, use clip-in extensions! These additions work really well with messy buns, braids, low ponies, and side ponies. These are such easy ways to rock the beach and not worry about frizz and curl.

If you want to wear your hair down and curly, we can style the extensions before you leave so they will blend with the curl you will get at the beach. This way, you can add the clip-ins to your natural curl so the overall look is just a little more polished.

Ask your favorite Root team number about ordering the right set for you before you next get away and let us show you how to use them to make your vacation a breeze when it comes to styling your hair!


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