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Our entire team is so saddened by current events. While we were so happy to get back into the salon and do what we love (serve all of you), it was with a very heavy heart that we began this week.

Racism and police brutality have no place in our society. Now is not the time to be silent! It is in all our hands to create a better world. To create a world of equality for everyone. Beauty is more than skin deep. Together we must stand in solidarity and stand up and speak out against racism.

Our prayers and support goes out to the black community now and always. We find it horrific that despite visibility through technology, this senseless violence continues to occur from people hired to serve and protect.

As proud members of Local First Arizona, we ask you to support locally owned African American businesses, educate yourself on Black history in the United Sates, elect leaders that represent diverse communities, and reach out to your elected officials and show your support for policies that help black communities.

Finally, use this as a wake up call and have serious and important conversations with friends, co-workers, family and loved ones.

We here at The Root Salon, are a diverse team. Today we show our support and join other fellow local businesses in the fight against racism by donating to The MN Freedom Fund and The George Floyd Memorial Fund. The insanity has to stop somewhere. Maybe it can start with you.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”…

Nelson Mandela

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