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Surviving the Holidays as a Happy Single Mom

By December 21, 2018No Comments

Create some new traditions with the kids!
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Is this your first Christmas or holiday as a single mom? Or maybe you have a couple years under your belt like me? Whatever your situation being a single mom during the holidays can totally suck.

I know, I know…it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, not all single moms experience the same kind of joy during the Christmas season. Having to deal with new beginnings can be rough. The first year was definitely the hardest, but it will get better! Here are some tips for surviving Christmas as a single mom.

Keeping my old holiday decor was an everyday reminder of what I lost. I was constantly reminded of Christmas past of us together. I went to Pier One and I had great time shopping for my new improved holiday decorations!

The holidays can get a bit depressing, especially if you have to split time between two households. The first holiday as a single mom is the hardest. The kids are with their dad and now you’re alone in your thoughts wishing the kids were home. Put your energies into something positive like putting together care packages for the homeless, feeding the hungry, yoga, or spending time with friends at holiday parties.

Try to view this as an opportunity to create new memories! It may take some getting used to, but trust me, the more special you make it, the more the kids will want to repeat it every year. My daughter and I have a “Santa Family Night” where we play games. Put the experience first for your kids and yourself.

Overspending to compensate for single parent shortcomings is definitely a no-no. Spend well within your means, give yourself a solid budget, and don’t go beyond that.

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