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A Special Thanksgiving Tradition: Pie for Breakfast!

By November 23, 2018No Comments

Pie for breakfast!

A year ago, my husband and I vowed to spend our Thanksgivings with family.

Well, okay, with other family.

Both of our immediate families live in town and we are so lucky to share frequent dinners with everyone. This also means that for Thanksgiving Day, we are split between multiple locations or, worse, multiple days of celebrating.

Sorry, families, but there’s only so much turkey our little family of three can take!

So, to make Thanksgiving extra special, we’ve started traveling to spend it with out of town cousins, aunts, uncles…basically, anyone who will put up with us!

And in just two years we’ve had SO MUCH FUN experiencing new traditions, recipes, and memories.

My absolute favorite tradition comes from my Aunt who passed away over ten years ago. We all still miss her terribly, of course, and any chance we have to still feel her in the room is embraced (with tears, most of the time!).

This year I found out that she would always make extra pies on Thanksgiving specifically for the reason that she wanted everyone to have pie for breakfast the next day. How adorable!

So, this year (and probably every year to come), I will carry on her tradition. I mean, who doesn’t want pie with coffee on a Friday morning?!?!

I hope you will carry it on, too!

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