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As most of our guests already know, this team is keeping our environment super safe for our team and our guests. Just a quick sample of our safety practices include temperature checks, hand washing, constant sanitizing, mask mandates and life behind plexiglass. But we are still relying on an old friend to every salon: BARBICIDE®, a long-time necessity in our industry.

BARBICIDE® is a hospital-grade disinfecting solution that you have no doubt seen at every one of our stations (the blue liquid that fills the glass jar in which our combs soak). It kills fungi, viruses and other germs and pathogens.

BluCo brands has produced salon and barbering safety products for quite some time. BARBICIDE® was launched in 1947 in New York and remains the standard for salons and barbershops. It protects clients and stylists alike and now, more than ever, we are grateful for the cleanliness standards that salons have adhered to for over 50 years.

While researching this blog post, we learned that BARBICIDE® is featured in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

From our inception, we have been a partner with BARBICIDE® which for most salons is standard in the beauty industry. Alongside the other disinfecting and safety measures we are taking, we are fully stocked and certified on the proper use of this amazing product and are thankful to BluCo brands for continuing to make it available and affordable for use!

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