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Over these past couple years, a lot of people have made the decision to go natural when it comes to their hair. People now want to rock their natural silver. It is a process, here are some factors to consider before going for it. Transitioning from old hair color can be difficult. At minimum a client will usually need three sessions with a stylist. There will be different color stages, and with each session the hair will get lighter. More than likely these shades won’t be a color a person would purposely pick to rock. Transitioning to natural silver is considered a lightening process, the hair will go through some damage. To help return the hair to a healthy state, new products are an absolute must. Investing in the right products can be costly. Which will always damage hair. the hair goes through some damage. This is the reality, it is an investment.

If you are ready to rock that natural silver, our colorists are prepared to go on the journey.

Blog by Dario

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