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Just like everyone else in the world, my house is suddenly feeling smaller.

So, of course, after almost a year of staying home more that I’m used to, it was time to redecorate!

I chose our entryway. It’s a small space but after seeing images online of people going for bold decorating statements in their entryways to wow guests (someday!), I was inspired and ready to be brave.

I chose a bright blue paint color for the wall on which I planned to hang our art collection featuring the pieces we’ve purchased over the years from antique shops, local boutiques, and local artists.

I had a plan and sketches with a color scheme. I made a budget and decided I wanted to learn how to strip and repaint a dresser in goldenrod for a big color statement.

Well, guess what? I ended up with an abomination!

That bright blue wall was SO bright, it looked like a preschool classroom wall. And the dresser? My spouse started calling it “the school bus”.

As painful as it was, after about 24 hours of staring at that abomination of an entryway, I had to paint over the bright blue with a more mellow blue and switch out the dresser (which I spent many hours stripping, sanding, and repainting) for a small, honey-stained wood credenza. It was a tough pill to swallow and in the end, it turned out great. Still, I felt so embarrassed for having created such a horrifying design!

I’ve recovered and realized that design is a true skill! And one cannot gain skill without accumulating a history of mistakes.

So next time you go big and brave on a new project, take inspiration from your mishaps. Learn, adjust, and remember the lessons learned!

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