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Coming home after a long day at work, the best thing you can come home to is a couple small meows to soothe the soul. While we’re working your animals (or kitties for me) are at home taking naps, playing with hair scrunchies & eating plants- waiting for me to come home again. Even though we have an entire world to be a part of, to them- we are their entire world & our homes are their environment. A glimmer of sadness will sometimes creep into our light but one look at those wide eyes surrounded by whiskers can always brighten things up in an instant. Especially when the connection between you & your pets is a strong one. Its almost as if they know exactly what your thinking. The quietness in the dim glow of the television with a cat sleeping in your lap is pure bliss. Enjoying a companion, whether it be a dog, cat, husband or wife is something so comforting.

Blog By: Emily

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