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A Physical Job: Hairdressing!

By May 10, 2019No Comments

This looks like a dream to someone with a strained neck and back.

Every profession has its hidden aspects that not many think about.

With hairdressing, people are always surprised to learn what a physical job it is. We are on our feet all day, often positioning our arms shoulders, and backs in awkward positions to cut and style. And we are not always wearing the most supportive shoes.

We also have to have mental and emotional stamina. We are caring for our clients all day and we LOVE to! But it can take its toll week after week.

One thing that has worked for me in helping with the day to day of hairdressing is yoga. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and exercise. I also get massages to help with the physical strain to my back and shoulders. Hitting the gym is a great way to achieve a meditative state after a day of conversation.

And, finally, eating a good, clean diet keeps me in shape so I can do the work I love.

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