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Don’t we just love to get pampered and beautified at the hair salon? Well why not care for our furry friends as well. It’s a great way to show our love and affection towards our pets!

A great way to start is by taking them to the groomers or doing the grooming at home. See it as a spa day for your pet. A small yet important act of affection that we can include in our doggy spa day is brushing their fur. This will help loosen up mats and prevent shedding. While brushing their fur you can also take a closer look for any infections on the skin or fleas/ticks.

An amazing way to care for your pet fur is their oral intake. Omega 3 is perfect for their skin and coat. Some examples are, flaxseed oil, fish oil, or any fatty acids. You can also massage them with coconut oil to add great shine.

Always be safe when having a relaxing doggy spa day and consult your vet before you try anything on your furry friends.


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