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Ombre vs. Balayage

By July 6, 2018No Comments

This is ombre.

Are you ready for hair color change but you are confused by all the hair color lingo?! You are not alone, my friend. There are so many hair terms thrown across the internet and sometimes it’s hard to understand what each one is and what sets each apart.

Especially when it comes to ombre vs balayage.

Don’t worry, I am here to decode the terms and breakdown what technique is best for you. Let us dive into what sets them apart…

What is Balayage?
Application of color is most important here. Balayage is a French term “to sweep”. The result is a soft natural blend of color. With this color technique all of the ends wont necessarily be affected between the transition of light and dark.

What is Ombre?
Ombre is a color application in which all of the ends of the hair strand are affected. The color is a transition from a deeper darker rooted base to lighter ends. Ombre is a French term “color that is shaded or graduated in tone”.

What makes Ombre different from Balayage?
Ombre is typically applied in a horizontal section and fully saturated on ends, softly blending upwards. Ombre is more like surface painting on the hair. In short, ombre is more of a color style. Balayage is a technique. Both are a pretty low maintence since the line of graduation (lightness to darkness) is soft and gradual. Balayage and ombre are specialized techniques that requires a higher beauty budget and time in the salon.

How should you choose?
Choosing which one is right for you depends on what look you are trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking for a blonde, brown, red, or rose gold your stylist here at The Root will be able to work on the technique or work to create the color effect you desire. The amount of change to your hair color can also determine how many processes need to be done to achieve your desired color. Remember, a slower lift or overall color change plan is safer and keeps the integrity of your hair protected.

What should you use at home?
Talk to your stylist about a haircare regimin that is customized to you. I love Alfaparf Illumintating line. This shampoo and mask adds shine and vitality to the hair and maintains 91% of color intensity. It also protects against humidity and most importantly, thermal damage. Vitamin E protects and seals the cuticle from free radicals and moisturizes the cuticle. Think of it as insurance for your hair color!

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