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Every fall, women decide to go richer, darker, and embrace warm tones. I personally love those rich fall colors; it’s a refreshing break from the constant stream of icy and ashy tones we see year-round. 

This fall season, we have seen so many strawberry blondes in the salon! I am really enjoying this because it fades beautifully and you can easily go back to blonde after the fall season is over. It’s an awesome way to richen up blondes and create a dramatically different look without the permanence of going darker. 

There are actually quite a few different strawberry blonde tones than just the copper strawberries that come to mind. There are the ones that are mostly gold, with just a hint of rose and even some subtle pink tones that are really beautiful.

Will you try strawberry blonde this fall? Talk to your Root Salon stylist and we can pick the strawberry blonde color for you!

Blog by Hope

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