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#NeverStopLearning Part One

Our entire team at the salon is getting super stoked about our upcoming class this weekend. You see, here at The Root Salon, late summer and early fall is when we dig deep into advanced education to prepare our minds and inspire our creativity for the fall and holiday season. As the weather shifts to cooler temperatures, fall trends don’t just include “pumpkin spiced lattes”!

We see clients craving darker and warmer hair color tones and also wanting to improve their hair appearance from summer damage. That is why we try to amp up our game and prepare for the shift, in order to offer state-of-the-art services to our guests.

This weekend, for instance, we are training all day long on the newest smoothing line from our partners at Alfaparf Milano. The treatment service is a progressive smoothing system with keratin that provides even more noticeable and long-lasting smoothing and taming performance, with total safety. The process will keep your treated hair smooth, strong, soft, glossy, and tangle-free. The best part of it all is that it is formaldehyde-free and there are zero off-gassing effects. Great for you and us!

Next week we’ll share the latest and greatest from our class on the art of balayage and you don’t want to miss that!

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