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Neon & vivid colors have been a staple for US pop culture since before the roaring 20’s!

These colors first became popular for bright ways to advertise with the invention of neon lights creating new colors we hadn’t seen before.

In terms of the hair world, chemists have been able to create these same colors into human consumption products. Neon hair has become a different part of pop culture today! Society has expanded our ideas and and pushed the boundaries of hair color being anything besides natural.

Baby blue, neon green, hot pink? Yes, please!

The power of vivid colors have allowed the artistic capabilities of hairstylists all around the world to create contrast, softness, edginess, & fun styles utilizing every color of the rainbow. Now more than ever clients are daring to be more free and express themselves in different ways from before.

If you’ve always fantasized about having your own vivid neon hair color, talk to your stylist at The Root Salon!

Blog by Kira

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