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About Those Microfiber Hair Towels

By December 7, 2018No Comments

Microfiber hair towels. Can’t live without them!

If you read our Tips & Tricks Tuesday blog, you may remember we mentioned the microfiber hair towel as a must-have part of the gift we described.

Well, we love this towel SO much, we decided it warrants an entire blog post of its own.

Have you tried this towel? It is awesome! Microfiber towels are so much better for your hair than terry cloth towels. The difference is their lightweight ultra fine fibers that absorb moisture into the towel at an incredible rate (as mentioned, 60% more absorbent!).

Just a few tips: Be gentle, don’t rub, and softly wring your towel with your hair inside to help it start to dry. Since the microfiber dries the hair faster than terry towels, it will actually reduce blow dry time. With a quicker drying process, your hair will be less frizzy and easier to style. And, over time, your hair will become noticeably more silky.

All hair types benefit from using the towel – fine hair, thick or curly hair. And the towel is the perfect shape to easily wrap and tuck your tresses.

We have been using and raving about this towel for twenty years now and it’s still one of the best items we carry in the salon. You’ll love it!

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