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It’s the day after Thanksgiving!

For those of you who have hesitations or straight-up dread about this particular holiday, we offer a hearty congratulations for surviving another year.

We’d also like to offer suggestions and permission for you to detox any leftover negativity today. So here are some things to think about as you process your 2019 Thanksgiving.

If anything negative was said…

We recommend writing down a list of the negative or unpleasant moments from yesterday on a piece of paper. Then, trash the thing! Rip it up, burn it, stomp on it — whatever! Give yourself a physical cleansing ritual that you can reflect upon if the negative memories start to haunt you today.

If there was an awkward or embarrassing moment…

Let’s say this was your first Thanksgiving with your new romantic partner’s family and you did something dumb like spill the wine. Woops. As your cruel, shame-filled mind replays this moment over and over again, take control! Choose a “response memory” and commit to this: Every time you replay the bad moment, recall two good moments (maybe you made everyone laugh, maybe your pecan pie was the favorite, or maybe your new partner was simply happy to be next to you). With a two-to-one-ratio of good thoughts vs. bad, your positive attitude will win!

If you just feel generally gross about the overload of food and family…

Get a little exercise! Let’s be clear: this is in no way an attempt to “undo” your eating from yesterday (no way!). Instead, view it as a mind and body boost. You treated yourself yesterday with a delicious meal. Now treat yourself with some fresh air and muscle movement. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. Just take a walk. You will feel better for sure.

And for those of you lucky people who had a fabulous Thanksgiving, good for you! That’s as it should be!


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