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Is It Time for a Glaze?

By March 9, 2018No Comments

Shiny hair can be yours with a glaze.

Did you wake up this morning, look in the mirror and feel like your hair was dull? Or, have you been feeling like your hair just needs a little more something? But just a little more, not a huge change, right?

Not to fret! A glaze is the perfect solution and our Root Salon clients love it!

A glaze is such a simple way to add some shine or even tonality to your hair. It’s a semi-permanent color that is typically an all-over process. It adds shine and volume to your hair and is an additive-only color. This means it coats the individual hair strands and doesn’t remove any existing pigment.

If part of your color routine is to use a permanent process, a glaze can be the perfect complement. It helps maintain that gorgeous color you stylist works so hard to achieve while keeping the shaft and ends looking healthy and rich. For blondes, a glaze is a great way to keep that desired light shade you love.

So the next time you’re feeling dull, or you feel like your color is just fading away, contact the Root Salon for a glaze. It’s simple, fast, easy, and not to mention, a little way to pamper yourself. So go ahead indulge!

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