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Illusion of Perfection

By July 5, 2019No Comments

Is this me or the REAL me? I’m so confused! (photo:

Can hairstylists have a lazy day? One where they don’t fix their hair or stay in sweats all day?

The answer: yes and no.

As professionals who interact with a vast clientele from all walks of life, we often run into our clients at random times in the most random places. Because our livelihood depends on our knowledge and representation of the latest in fashion and hair, it’s best for our business to have a look that stays on brand.

So going to the grocery store with a rats nest for hair, sweats and no makeup might run a bigger risk for us than others. We certainly don’t want anyone judging us! But, at the same time, we are human beings and we can’t always have the perfect look.

At work and on my social media, I present the best of my own personal best. My latest Instagram post is the professional me — and doesn’t reflect the fact that I went to Target in my PJ’s and undressed a mannequin because she had the last pair of pants in my size. (It was late at night and not a single person saw me, so I tell myself it didn’t happen)?

So, in the future, when you come to the salon to see us, just know we put a lot of thought into how we look.

And please know that underneath the Instagrams, perfected beach waves and perfectly styled outfits, we are authentic people and we use loads of dry shampoo, just like you!

We understand what it’s like to balance a busy life and fulfill expectations of personal presentation. So, if you are struggling with how to fit it all in, talk to us! We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves!

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