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Every year February rolls in and Valentine’s Day creeps up with it. Being single is never a bad thing, despite how Valentine’s Day makes you feel. It’s an opportunity to work on yourself, grow, and be independent! Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s day is an excuse to have fun! Here are some ideas for singles this Valentine’s.

  1. Go out!

Phoenix has so many great bars and clubs, and on holidays they always have deals and promos. Some even have singles night! Hula’s Modern Tiki has an anti-Valentine’s day celebration for those totally against it too.

  1. Self Care Night

If you don’t feel like going out, a little R&R is the perfect way to practice self-love this Valentine’s. Everyone has their own self care routine, but I always recommend a good face mask and bubble bath pairing with a good book. Whatever makes you feel good is the best way to love yourself.

  1. Solo Dinner

In our society it seems odd to go out to dinner by yourself, but sometimes that can be the best way to enjoy your meal. It may bring anxiety but if you can go out to lunch or dinner by yourself, you can take on the world. You can eat at your own pace, get some time to yourself, and even make new friends. Plus studies have shown that when you are by yourself and not talking or being “distracted”, your senses (aka taste) can be heightened, meaning your food may taste better than it would if you were with someone.

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