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As hairstylists, we are constantly working with our hands. Not only do we use our hands to craft incredible cuts, but we’re touching shampoo, other products, and water, water, water.

This can really wreck our hands and our fingernails!

The key for me is keeping my nails polished! My hands are in water all day and nail polish prevents my nails from softening and tearing. Water damages your nails by softening them (have you ever noticed how flexible your nails get when they’re wet)? Well, when they dry, they dry weaker and more brittle as a result. Nail polish offers a protective layer that prevents this drying.        

Another great tool to keep them strong is cuticle oil! This is the holy grail of nail care! I could not have grown out my nails as strong as they are without my cuticle oil. Cuticle oil nourishes your nails and helps them grow nice and strong. I’ve even noticed that they grow faster, too.

So, whether you work with your hands or not, try these methods to help keep your nails healthy and strong.

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