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How to get the salon blow-dry at home

By March 7, 2014No Comments
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Volume is a beautiful thing!

Volume is a beautiful thing!

So with every appointment, I make sure to walk each client through tried and true methods to achieve a salon-like blow dry at home!

First, the rule of thumb is to section the hair and start from the bottom. Since we all have places to go, I recommend giving a quick round brush to the lower portion of the head in small sections with the wet hair swept up in a simple clip. Once you reach the crown (top), I have a few tricks to make sure you get the maximum volume in this area.

I like to apply a golf-ball size of our Expansion Mousse or our new Volumetry Volume Spray — both by L’Oreal. Then target the crown and the root area of the hair. Just like before, work on the hair in sections and blow dry from the bottom up. Once you reach the last section you should have about an inch of wet hair to the left and right of your part (I refer to this as your “mohawk” section).

Take the mohawk section and break it into 2-3 subsections (about an inch thick and no wider than your round brush). Starting with the crown subsection, hold your brush in one hand and the blow dryer in the other. Place the brush to the back of the section with the blow dryer in front. Start moving the brush with hair forward, while rolling the brush backwards. In other words, you are drying your hair in the opposite direction it naturally lays. THIS is how you will create the bulk of your volume.

Use heat until the hair is dry, and then if your blow dryer hair a “cool” setting, allow cold air to flow on the the section for about 10 seconds. This will help set the hair so it holds the volume and shape longer! Repeat this step for the next 1-2 subsections moving forward on the head.

Just one final tip: When you have the hair set and placed, avoid running your fingers through your hair. That will only compromise the volume and shape you’ve worked so hard to create.

And if you need anything else, you just let us know!

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