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How to Get The Best Consultation

By April 26, 2013No Comments
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Thinking about bangs? A bob? New color? Let's talk all about it!

Thinking about bangs? A bob? New color? Let’s talk all about it!

Sure, we always mention that you can book a free consultation on this blog. And some of my colleagues have already written about their style when it comes to this kind of appointment. So, today, I’ll throw in my two cents and share key points that I love to discuss with my clients.

Likes & Dislikes

You may not always know what you want. But I’m willing to bet that you know what you don’t want. And you probably know what you hate. Please tell me! It may sound negative but, actually, it’s very useful information. If I know what you hate or dislike, I know what to avoid and how to work to make you happy!


What do yo do? Are there limits to what you are able to do in the morning? What kind of styling varieties are you looking for? Knowing a bit about your morning or styling routine everyday helps me create a cut color and overall style that fits best for your lifestyle.


Photos aren’t always necessary but they help. Especially to pin down what tones of color you like. Or if you like piece-y bangs. Relying solely on words can be tricky and a picture can help us get on the same track. We dont NEED them, but they do help us see likes and dislikes with some specific details.


Last but not least, let’s talk about current trends! Fashion is all around us everyday! We pride ourselves at the Root Salon in knowing the current trends in hair and fashion. Let us help you keep your hairstyle modern and up to date!

Basically, if you have questions… ask! If you need suggestions… let us know! We are happy to have a good conversation with you about your hair.

We’re all here to help our clients. At The Root Salon, it is our passion to make sure our clients are happy from start to finish…that includes the weeks in between appointments. And, if anything changes or questions come up, we are sure to cover it with a quick consultation before every appointment.

Whether it’s your first appointment or your 50th appointment, we are here to keep you loving your hair!

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