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I’ve often been told that there are two people in life you never lie to.

First, my attorney. He told me there’s no reason to. He said anything I disclosed was under full confidentiality. He didn’t care if I did it or didn’t do it. If I was there or not. He was there to help me. And he couldn’t do that if I wasn’t 100 percent truthful with him.

Later in life that same statement was made by my doctor. He didn’t care if I basked in tanning beds and didn’t wear sunscreen on the beach. He just wanted to know how long I had been in the sun. It didn’t sway his opinions about me either way.

I’d like to add another to this list. I say there are three people you never lie to: Your doctor, your lawyer, and your hairdresser!

As a hairdresser we see it all and we definitely hear it all. We don’t judge either way. Most the time it makes us feel more human when a client shares sensitive things about their life. It’s a gift to help someone else by listening to their struggles. It helps us to manage our own issues and often provides much-needed perspective.

But when it comes to your hair, there’s just no reason to lie. It doesn’t matter if you cut your bangs. Everyone cuts their bangs. Everyone tries to cut their side burns, or clean up their neckline in between haircuts. Some (even though we strongly discourage it as a professional hairdresser) even use box color on their hair. If you are transparent when making your appointment with our talented client coordinators, they can determine the right amount of time it will take to either fix or begin a service.

By being transparent with your stylists during your consultation, the stylists can give you an honest assessment of time, amount, and number of visits it will take to achieve your wanted style, color, or even that picture you’ve been carrying in your phone for so long.

Believe you me, we want you to have what you want. There is nothing more accomplished than to turn a client around and see that look in the mirror (and all the other mirrors you pass), as you see the hair you’ve been dreaming about.

So don’t hesitate to speak to your hairdresser. The results will leave you with one beautiful outcome!

Blog by Shane

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