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The History of Hair: Styles of Yesterday to Today

By May 15, 2015April 19th, 2022No Comments

My oh my, how time does change!

Not only does fashion trend change over time but so does the trend when it comes to hair styles. It is truly amazing the things that can be accomplished with the fiber we humans grow and call “hair”.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

In the late 50’s we started to to see less “set” hair and the easing into softer styles that were easy to touch. It became popular to have mid-length hair with brushed out curl. But most women were still setting these styles on rollers.

Early in the 60’s models gracing magazine covers were starting to sport long and very straight style with blunt bangs. This chic hippie look was spurred on by the popularity of Cher (then) Bono. Some women were using a clothing iron to create her straight look!

Late in the 60’s high society was swinging the opposite way as Jackie Kennedy wore a teased flip, some models were wearing a longer version of the famous flip but were still wearing the high volume on the top of the style.

Mid to late 80’s ran the gamut. Influences from Madonna to super model Paulina Poriskova brought on heavily textured looks. Loose permanent waving was all the rage and we saw the return of using a lot of hair spray. Tousled texture with loads of volume was the style to wear at any length.

Some time in the early 90’s we saw style trending all over the place. The un-done look was still being worn and thick wavy styles were still popular but we also started to see the Sassoon structure of the elegant bob haircut.

Layered ladies became obsessed as the Late 90’s ushered in the flat iron era. Everyone just had to own one and the style became very wearable and sleek. Straight and shiny hair was in high demand and so were the hottest smoothing serums.

As the late 90’s started to fade and early 2000 was upon us, we saw the style pendulum swing the other way yet gain. Longer soft curls made their way to the runways and the race to grow out your bob began. Now we were seeing big blow-outs using the same smoothing serums and round brushes to keep these styles polished.

The red-carpet looks of late 2009, brought us the return of the old Hollywood glamor from the late 1940’s. Setting lotions, electric rollers and even updos were popping up all over the place and the demand for in-salon styling made a big comeback.

Today we have the sought after long and loose, barley-there beachy waves and the lob (or long bob) as the inspirational trend. Special occasion looks are textured, knotted and braided, staying close to fashion’s Boho theme. Wide barrel curling irons and a stylist that knows braiding techniques is on every hair diva’s must-have list.

What will next year bring?

Blog by Lauren Hart

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